DaVinci Assignment



I feel that I become creative when I just start thinking of things that don’t correlate to one another and then try and put them together in a giant picture to see what comes up from that. I was honestly surprised that I somehow made a smiley face and something that looked like a treble clef from just drawing random shapes, lines, and dots. Another thing I didn’t notice before is that there is a part of the drawing that also looks kind of like a golf hole with the flag in it. As I look at this, I am trying to figure out why I decided to put my signature in the center of the page, and how in the world I was able to make the smiley face look like a stick figure as well. I feel that the reason that I see a resemblance of a treble clef in my drawing is because music is a huge part of my life. I listen to it all of the time and I also play instruments as well. I also feel that I put the smiley face in there because I am a cheerful, happy, outgoing person and that just represents who I am as a person.


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