Business Identity Project


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Create a logo for a company/service/organization and establish a visual identity across multiple documents.

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills)

  1. I sketched out some ideas for my three different logos.
  2. After sketching, I went into Illustrator and started using the pen tool to create some vector logos that could be resized for different purposes.
  3. I created a type logo and two different illustration logos based off of the type logo because I liked it a lot.
  4. I got some critique on my original logos and then went back and fixed them.
  5. I went with one of my illustration logos because I felt it fit better with the overall idea of the company I was representing.


A place where you can go for all of your auto repair needs.


The general commuting public.

Top Thing Learned

How to use the pen tool in a variety of cool ways.

Color Names

Red, White, and Gray

Title Font Name and Category

Factoria Demi // Slab Serif

Copy Font Name and Category

Franklin Gothic Medium // Sans Serif

Source of Each Image

The graphics are my own.


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