Brochure Project


CJ Waisath-Brochure Project FinalCJ Waisath-Brochure Project Final2


Design a brochure for a company.


  1. I have always been infatuated with weather and nature, so I decided that I wanted to design a simple yet functional brochure for The Weather Channel, so I went and found their design guidelines and their logo online.
    Design Guidelines:
  2. I then went into InDesign to create a simple bi-fold brochure and wrote the body copy myself and laid it out how I wanted it to fit.
  3. I found nature photos that I wanted to use off of and placed those into the InDesign document where I wanted to place them.
  4. After designing the brochure, I exported the document as JPEGS.

Critique Process

I showed my brochure to my friends Ethan Sellards and Shea Harms to get their opinion on the brochure and to see what I could improve on.


To provide information about why The Weather Channel is important and to provide them with the information they need to view the weather for themselves.


People 18+ years old who desire to know about the weather.

Top Things Learned

Something that I found that I learned was how to layout the brochure properly so that it would print out correctly. Another thing that I learned was how to set up the preference in the printer properties to allow it to print correctly as well.

Color Scheme & Color Names

I used the color that The Weather Channel has called their colors.

I used The Weather Channel Blue and Weather Blue 1 from their brand design guidelines that they have.

Font Name & Category

Arial // Sans Serif

Thumbnails of any Original, Unedited Image(s) Used in the Project

Source of Each Image (website name and hyperlink)

The logo I got off of The Weather Company’s website:

The rest of the photos I got from

Snowy Road

Lightning Strike

Man on a Rock

Mountain Village



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