Magazine Project



Design a magazine cover and article spread.


  1. I first took some time to sketch out my ideas and got a few sketches done before I found one that I really wanted to go with for both the cover and the spread.
  2. I looked through all of my photos that I took from a previous class activity to see if any of those would work for this project. After that, I went on to go and take some other photos that I felt would work for the project as well.
  3. I then went into Photoshop to edit my cover portrait to make it black and white. After I made it black and white, I went into the level and started to adjust those to add a greater contrast to the photo and really make the light distinct on the person’s face and increase the sharp look of the shadows to.
  4. I went onto BYU-Idaho website and found a devotional from the Winter 2017 semester given by President Gilbert at the very beginning of the semester and copied a few paragraphs from that to be the text on my article spread.
  5. I then went into InDesign and started to design the cover followed by the spread after the manner of my sketches.

Critique Process

We got into a few small groups during class and they all gave their thoughts and opinions on my project and they gave me great ideas on how I could better unify the two designs and also some suggestions on how to make my spread look better and less cluttered.


A new, BYU-Idaho school magazine to highlight on everything new, cool, and unique about BYU-Idaho and it’s students.


All BYU-Idaho students who want to stay in the know about all things BYU-Idaho

Top Thing Learned

There were a few things that I learned. The first thing that I learned is how to adjust the levels of a photo in Photoshop properly so as to not ruin the reality of the the picture. Another thing that I learned is that you can export an InDesign document as a JPEG and have it export a whole spread as a single JPEG. Lastly, I learned that collages don’t always work with certain pictures and also that you need to give some breathing room to certain photos; otherwise, they start to blend together.

Color Scheme & Color Names

I used a combination of monochromatic and gray-scale to make this design blend in well with BYU-Idaho’s colors.

I used the eye-dropper tool to get the blue from BYU-Idaho’s webpage and then also used Black and White.

Title Font Name & Category

Adobe Caslon Pro (Bold) // Modern Serif

Copy Font Name & Category

Myriad Pro (Regular) // Sans Serif

Thumbnails of any Original, Unedited Image(s) Used in the Project

Source of Each Image (website name and hyperlink)

All of these images are my own images.


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