Project 1: Furniture Design


20141020_231442_Android 20141020_231321_Android 20141020_231336_Android 20141020_231346_Android

My first drawing of a person was just the beginning of this project. After we had drawn a character in whatever position, we were then told to go and create a piece of furniture to support them in that position. At first I thought that this was going to be super easy until I heard that this piece of furniture couldn’t be any normal piece of furniture, we had to get creative with this project. I then decided that I was going to come up with a design for a remote controlled rocket chair. It didn’t actually start out as a remote controlled rocket chair. At first I was going to have arm rests that would serve as the throttle and the directional controls, but I came to the conclusion that I’m not able to draw arm rests on the chair because I’m not great at drawing that kind of stuff. I then decided to have the chair be remote controlled not only to make it easier on myself but also because I think that would be really cool to have it be remote controlled rather than have the controls on arm rests. This rocket chair has 7 state of the art rockets built into the frame of the chair: one on each leg of the chair, one directly underneath the center of the chair, and one on each side support frame. The giant rocket is the main thing that propels the chair off of the ground and into the air while the four leg rockets are there to provide stability in flight so you don’t go crazy up in the sky and crash. The chair has a built in level which will keep the chair perfectly balanced while in flight. The two side rockets are there for quick pivotal movements and extra forward thrust as well. The side rockets also didn’t start off like that. At first, those two rockets started off as multi-directional rockets on the back portion of the  of the chair. This idea was changed around a little bit while showing my dad what I had so far. He helped me figure out a better way of quickly changing the direction you were facing with ease. The chair also has two separate safety belts to keep the rider from falling off of the chair mid-flight. This chair will be made out of very strong metal in order to handle the stress the rockets will exert on it and also to support whoever decides to ride it. The most important thing that will also be built into the chair are the rockets. The safety belts are going to be made of strong straps to avoid them breaking in the case of a crazy accident that may happen. There are also support and safety bars that make a square around the legs of the chair. These bars are there to keep your legs from dangling underneath the chair and accidentally burn your feet off. The reason why I colored it the way I did was because I wanted it to stand out when it’s in the air so you won’t get hit by anything while you are piloting it.


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